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Ringside Research provides election research and forecasting services to help stakeholders navigate these events. We use rigorous quantitative as well as qualitative research methods to unearth the evidence needed to produce actionable analytics. Our clients have varied research goals, such as option research, election polling, studying social movements, inequalities, economic mobility, and generational changes. Therefore, we have cultivated a range of qualitative and quantitative research skills that allow our clients to choose the methods that will best address their research needs.


Social & Academic Research

At Ringside Research, we offer social and academic research services to NGOs and universities who are seeking to evaluate social problems, the impact of public policies, and lifestyle issues in rural and urban India, among other topics. No matter what your research needs and focus may be, our team of experts will work with you to devise the most cost-effective and reliable research methods and instruments to gather the insights you are seeking. When you come to Ringside Research, you can count on receiving personalized support and guidance from our entire research team.

For NGO’s

Impact Assessments, Root Cause Analysis, Key Issues Identification

For Universities

Market Research training for Universities Students Assistant with Academic Research Projects Collaboration with Universities for social and academic research

Our Approach

As trained social scientists, we believe in the scientific method.

We turn observations into evidence-based insight

Our services can be readily replicated and verified.

We leave nothing to assumption.

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