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Ringside Research is a nonpartisan opinion research and polling company that specializes in the collection, publication, and distribution of public opinion polling information. We strive to generate original, relevant, timely, and accurate data.
Our team of professionals brings significant experience and expertise to the table, with backgrounds in public and policy research, field survey, analysis, technology, and operations.


Our mission is to use data and evidence to advance public knowledge and understanding through rigorous analysis and the consideration of diverse viewpoints.


Our vision is to be a driving force in understanding and solving the problems faced by stakeholders in the Indian electoral system, ultimately working towards a more fair and democratic society.


Our shared values drive us to be fast, fearless, and innovative in our approach. We are unwavering in our commitment to accuracy, ethics, and proven methodologies, and we prioritize trust and collaboration in all that we do

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Our Leadership

Mr. Aniket Gavandar

Aniket is a highly experienced and skilled professional in the field of political market research, Public opinion research, opinion and exit polling, and data analytics. He has a proven track record of success, having previously served as a Senior Manager with The Strelema and No-broker.com In addition to his professional experience, he has a strong educational background, having earned a Data Analytics degree from IIM Indore, an MBA from the University of Mumbai, and an engineering degree from MIT. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, He is committed to providing top-quality research and analysis to his clients in the field of election market research.

He heads the organization and serves as a Head of Technology and Field Operations Department.

Mr. Nilesh Chavan

Nilesh Chavan is a renowned political analyst and columnist with a significant experience in the media industry. Nilesh has built a reputation for providing insightful and thought-provoking analysis on political issues, and has worked with some of the most respected media networks in the country, including ABP Majha, All India Radio, AM News, and Hathway MCN Pvt. Ltd. In addition to his professional achievements, Nilesh holds a Master of Arts degree in Political Science and a diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism, making him an expert in his field. He is also a highly skilled speaker, mentor, coach, and trainer, and has conducted numerous workshops for media and communication students at universities throughout India. Nilesh is dedicated to staying at the forefront of political analysis and providing valuable insights to media houses.

He is the Head of the Research and Content Department


We Strictly Follow the Guidelines of

We follow all the 4 articles of ESOMAR/WAPOR guidelines for public opinion surveys

Article 4:  Relationship with participants
Article 5: Relationship with the general public
Article 6: Relationship with media clients and others reporting research
Article 7: Methodological quality and transparency

We give especial attention on Article 4.3:

Considering the environment in which we are operating, we take our responsibility to protect the privacy and personal information of our respondent very seriously. In line with Article 4.3 of ESOMAR/WAPOR guidelines, Ringside Research has adopted a series of measures to give confidence to its respondents that their personal identity will never be disclosed. These measures extend from standard privacy protocols, to following GDPR policy. In addition, all our field and telephonic surveyor must sign a confidentiality agreement outlining the employee’s obligations to protect all private and confidential information. All the employees of Ringside Research must adhere to strict guidelines to prevent sharing of any sensitive information across media clients, projects, or even departments.

We follow ECI Guidelines for Exit Polls

According to the Election commission’s guidelines Ringside Research do not publish/print the result of any opinion poll or exit poll conducted at any time (a) during the period of 48 hours ending with the hour fixed for closing of poll in an election held in a single phase; and (b) in a multi-phased election, and in the case of elections in difference States announced simultaneously, at any time during the period starting from 48 hours before the hour fixed for closing of poll in the first phase of the election and till the poll is concluded in all the phases in all States.

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